Is it Time for a Duct Cleaning?

Winter season in the Green Bay, Wisconsin, area can be severe compared to other parts of the Continental US. Residents are usually excited about the onset of spring. The new season can cause seasonal allergies and irritants in the air of your home can aggravate those who suffer from asthma. If you’ve never had the air ducts cleaned in your home or more than three years have passed since the last cleaning, it’s time to consider scheduling air duct cleaning service.


Visible Dust Around the Home

Do you find that you have to dust more than a few times a week? When you crank up the air conditioner, do you see dust particles leaving the vents? Have you tried cleaning the vents only to see dust particles return? It may be time to request service for your air ducts. According to the EPA, daily exposure to indoor and outdoor pollutants causes increased contaminants which is worse than those visibly dusty and dirty air ducts you may see around your home.

Feeling Ill?

If you have noticed that although you don’t readily see specific symptoms, yet you feel ill whenever you spend extended time in your home, it may be time to have your air ducts checked. In addition to dust particles, mold can also develop inside ducts that are insulated yet are exposed to moisture. In the event mold growth cannot be remediated, air ducts may have to be replaced to resolve the mold growth issue as a measure to protect the air quality and health of you and other occupants in the home.

Are Rodents the Problem?

The presence of insects and rodents in the home, especially during the spring and summer season cannot only be a nuisance, but can cause issues with your air ducts. When present inside air ducts, rodents and insects can spread bacteria and dead carcasses can create unpleasant odors that are spread from the air ducts throughout your home. Request a visit from your pest controller to thoroughly examine the home and determine if insects and rodents are present and can be treated.

How Often is Air Duct Cleaning Required?

While there is little evidence to prove that air duct cleaning actually increases the efficiency of an HVAC system, it is important that proper cleaning of the air duct occurs to drastically increase air quality in your home. While it isn’t necessary to have air ducts cleaned regularly, it is recommended a minimum of every three years or as needed.

Proper air duct cleaning requires the use of chemical biocides to eliminate and kill bacteria and mold that may be present in the air ducts. In the event chemicalized sealants are required to seal air leaks, additional exposure to chemicals is required which could potentially have adverse affects to some members of your household like the elderly or young children.

Take the first step and find qualified technicals to provide Duct Cleaning in Green Bay, WI today.